Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Learning and Designing

Keeping busy is important. Whether running a small business or working in an office. Now a days with the economy the way it is, working overtime seems to be common place. So for Student it's also as important to stay busy. So what to keep busy with? As students we know that education provides us with information and direction as to what design is about and what we need to do. So...I think there can never be enough of that is. Getting a BA in Graphics is fine and a Masters makes us that much more able to provide and produce.

Technology has given us the internet and with that various platforms and venues to share, create and learn. I'm about to finish an Online program from the Art Institute of Pittsburg in Digital Design as so have experienced learning via internet. A lot different from the classroom. I'm able to have access 24 hours a day to lectures and other class related material. I share documents and compositions with other schoolmates with ease. Because I'm getting use to this it has lead me to look for other things Graphic Art.

 Recently I received an email about a Webinar.  Corel is offering it Tues Feb 23...and there is no cost.

This kind of event is important because it will keep us on the cutting edge and to be able to respond to client needs with the proper solution.  Now we are student so what clients am I talking about?  The clients I am referring to are the ones that will require your services when you graduate or even before.  If you are savvy, getting an internship is a really good way to figure out what's going on and what you have to do.  If you do get one your knowledge of technical things will prove you to be a welcome addition. 
Also YouTube is a great place to find Video Tutorial for most all Adobe Software as well as Web Design tools such as Joomla.  One really good place to find instruction on is LayersTV.  We rarely learn all that there is to know about the Adobe product in the classes we take and so there we are with this powerful application with so many features however only discussing the basics in class.  In my next post I'll be talking about "Filling In" what class work doesn't provide.  I think it is so important because the software offers so much more than we really realize.


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