Monday, February 1, 2010

Apple's Cool New iPad

Love it! Did you see it on It is the combination of a Windows Netbook and a Kindle with all the accomodations of the iPod Touch. Need I say more? Read books, watch movies on a 9.7" screen, listen to music... When it comes to deciding between a Mac and a PC, for me, it is Apple all the way, hands down. A Mac will offer the best in easy navigation through its systems, highest speed and incredible performance and durability. It is very visual and logical, unlike any Windows application. No extra junk or viruses, which means less trips to the shop for restoring the hard drive or erasing viruses which are almost non-existant. I have been blessed with 15 years of quality Apples and no lemons. The design on all Apple products is sexy and cool. And they run so smoothly. Look forward to trying out the iPad, yes! Definitely. Is it a necessity? no, not really - more of a novelty than anything. I need a new Apple laptop and am happy with my iphone (altho can't wait til ATT's contract is up and someone else like Verizon steps in). But if you thought about getting a Kindle and wanted a Netbook or MacBook or new iPod, try waiting for the iPad. At it's introductory price of $499 it is a good buy. Take a bite of an Apple and fall in love...


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  1. By the end of May 2010, over 2 million ipads sold. That's a pretty impressive number. Now Apple just announced iphone 4. I can't wait until I can download and upgrade to 4 for free on my 3GS. Altho I won't have the video telephoning feature like on the new iphones and the camera flash, I will have access to many of the new features including ibook for iphone. Won't get the new iphone yet, until my contract allows, but I like the old design better.